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Rest, Christmas, Kitchen Tables, and Babies

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So I sit, wondering what activity or non-activity I should conspire in amid this feeling of God / Christmas / destiny. Obviously, I decided to blog in order to chronical and share these moments with you.

Encouraged this Mid December

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For some the name Jesus represents a political / cultural / religious blight, but for the sake of this post lets consider him the one real person and ideal that actually does represent the solution to all the world’s and our own hurtings, longings, and pains. That said, specifically the reasons in my immediate circumstance through which I see Jesus working are as follows.

We Need Reminded – An Attempt

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If you have any exposure to what has been going on in my life lately you, hopefully, have said “whoa!” In the last five months I’ve reconnected with my church camp crush who later became “the one who got way” in college, and we are now engaged to be married in on September 25th, five [...]