It's the Caffeine Talking

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So what’s the point? I’ve been sitting in a Starbucks for the last two hours working at dialing down – with caffeine right? Any way, I’ve completely blown off that which I kind of know ‘needs’ done tonight. The point? I really want to produce, create, and I ‘m getting crazy enough to do it. What I really want to do is explore the third dimension within the digital space and seek to make digital interfaces as common as stone, steel, and plastic in our everyday interactions. I’m so over interacting or communicating for the sake of interaction or communication, but there is something in us that since creation has needed to interact and relate with that which is outside of us. How do we grease the wheels so to speak so as to make it all more liquid? How do we make the good intentions of one more tangibly the benefit of another? Hope, let it grow. Let it grow.

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