Post Constant Contact I

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So, then we spent three hours hammering out Constant Contact / weblog / virtual community options for Joshua House. It was a really good time. Up until today I have not felt able to really get behind what we have been trying to do with Constant Contact. I’m concerned it won’t be an effective mode of communication and it will mar what Joshua House is supposed to be about, Jesus in real community.

I was able to share a lot of the ideas that had been swimming around in my head and heart for what could be done. I think weblogs could really facilitate people really getting involved online. The funny thing is that now as it seems to just be becoming possible I am reminded of those who, over a year ago, tried to share the idea but couldn’t get it to stick. I hope it all is just a matter of timing and not a misguided idea.

What no one else in the room knew today was that I was operating on two hours of sleep. Lord, thank you for today. Thank you for your move. Thank you that I can see you really influencing my life, and I can see your leading in what seems to be more and more of my decisions and actions. Bless me Lord, and bless my heart. Fill me this evening as I spend some time with design colleges.

Oh help me Lord. Fill me Lord. Thank you for today and all the things you’ve done. Truly there have been more than I can stand to write. Help me share those things that will move your kingdom, move the good that too many have no understanding for.

Thank you-

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