The weekend was relatively quiet.

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It’s been less than a week and I’m posting again. The weekend was relatively quiet. I spend Saturday reading ‘Who is my Enemy’ and ‘The 10 Demandments’ and exploring Weesp. It’s a very nice little town.

My bike gave me a bit of trouble. The gear shifter is internal, inside the rear wheel. Somehow it slipped out of gear completely. After I fooled with it a bit it slipped back in, but on my way home last night from the city it kicked out again, and I had to take the bus to work. However, in having to take the bus this morning I found that my month metro pass is legitimately good in my neighborhood. I’d been worried that the pass I’d purchased while living at the hostels wouldn’t work so far away from the city proper.

Sunday was good too. I went to two church service crossroads and a house church called the zolder (Zolder is Dutch for attic. can you guess where it is held?

I’ve been reading more and am beginning to think more about putting together a portfolio site. Hopefully, I may even manage to contact a few other design firms while I’m on the continent and perhaps discus the ‘possibility of working together.’ Just ideas you know.

Anyway, thing here at the office are slow at the moment so I suppose I’ll work on some email here in a bit.

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

Finishing Week Two

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Well its’ Friday evening and another week has passed. I’m not traveling anywhere this weekend. My excuse is that I’ve still not got a real good handle on the financial side of things. The bank I’m with over here didn’t have any record of my applying for a debit card which somehow makes it easier to check my account online and a lot easier to access my funds. At any rate I’ve got plenty of money for groceries and until next week it won’t be terribly easy to get a hold the rest of my money. So buying train and plane tickets or reserving lodging online will be difficult until then.

This evening marks the completion of my second full week at work and nearly a months worth of time in the Netherlands. First let me catch you up on what has happened since my last real post….

Back in Brussels I took a morning bus tour of the city, took the train to Antwerp, made my way to the central station and Peter Paul Rubin’s house (the famous painter from the counter reformation), took the audio tour, and hopped the train in time to be home (the shelter jordan hostel at that point) in time for dinner.

Since then I’ve been working basically, and there have been a few tough spots. This last week I was working on an identity for a start up company that wants to do urban renewal project management. There come a point in such project where you think to yourself “what in the heck more do you want!?” So, that was a little rough getting through this week.

I’ve been to a Bible study on the other side of town twice now. getting there has been a real challenge, but the company is good.

This weekend I plan to maybe check out a museum or two in town here, and go to church. I’ve got a couple books I’m reading, and i could probably spend my entire time here working on them and other odds and ends.

Last weekend some fellow students from the OSU design department were here. It was good to see and spend some time with them. We went on a bike tour. It was a lot like riding a bike around Amsterdam regularly.

Oh, I do have a bike and ride it 30min each way to work from my apartment which is in Weesp (pronounced Vasep). Yes!! I found a place to live there was an ad in a church publication for a room and it worked out. I’ve been going to Crossroads International Church and it’s been good. they have a new senior paster from England. He’s just getting settled in.

So, I think that brings us up to date. Today I put together a Flash movie for a pitch for a job the company is try to get. I was very glad to be able to do the stuff for them. There seems to be a lack of Flash expertise around here which is cool. I’m hoping as I move forward, being able to bring to the table a lot of technical and design capability will be a big bonus.

Okay, I have been honored that you’ve read this much and been this interested in what’s going on with me. hopefully it will only be a day or two before I’m able to write again.

My heart is filled with love for all that which I have known for so long and is now so far away. You are part of that. Bless you all.

checking in

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I’m at work. I’ve not posted for a few days. I’m working on get a post up. Things are good.