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I’m trying to get in the habit of blogging so here’s today. I woke at 4 a.m. or so to a house with all the lights on and the front door unlocked with the screen door propped open. Brett had decided to move out yesterday, a few days earlier than expected, and later when I asked him about it he said he must have been very tired by the time he’d finished after the other two of us had gone to bed.

He did apologize, but that’s how it’s been at our house. I later, at 7 a.m. or so rolled out of bed and spent a good amount of time somewhere between prayer, sleep, and continuousness. I reread the last bit of 2 Kings before officially deciding to read Mark next. 2 Kings end with the king of Babylon overtaking Jerusalem and Judah. For a six month or so a subordinate government is established, but then the puppet governor is murdered and what Israelites were left in the region flee to Egypt.

The cool part about reading Mark next is that is has 15 chapters and I have 15 days left before I leave for Amsterdam. It should serve to foster my reading everyday, and I believe those sorts of coincidences are providential. I’d received a word Monday evening from Tom Trantow to the effect that he believed the Lord is going to make me a more well rounded person though my time in Amsterdam and that a major part of that would come through my staying in the Word.

Back to this morning, I sat there so long that I ran out of time for breakfast. What’s a guy to do? So I rolled to church where I have been volunteering once a week, usually Wednesdays. There was more construction going on in front of the church where they’re building the new community center. I arived about the same time Sarah Namin did and Heather Heart was there to great her. I don’t know that they saw me.

I walked in with John Williams and Jen Petes. Upon arriving on my floor, Kandy, the person I was supposed to have been helping first thing, was walking out. I’d jockeyed the day I came in some in the last few week, and Kandy had gotten confused as to when I was supposed to come in even though it was posted. I felt bad and condemnation set in for jockeying things around. There had been somebody else in the office voice a concern that they thought it was important that I make sure to keep the initial schedule. I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but there voice rang in my memory.

So, I did data entry for the gal I was supposed to have helps the second half of the morning. It wasn’t terrible. It was nice not to have to be always figuring things out in the flow of what I was doing, but I did get a bit numb over the course of the morning. I managed to check my email once and make two or three phone calls. I got a phone bill for thirty dollars more that my bass rate a few days ago so I have been sensitive to make so many calls.

Over the course of the morning it occurred to me that I could spend the afternoon elsewhere working on joshua house web/constant contact stuff. (Constant Contact is a web based mass emailing service that joshua house has been moving toward using to reach the masses.) I checked with Mary Catherine who had scheduled the time for me to work on the JH stuff. She was cool. So I rocked at noon.

Upon arriving home I got into some dish washer unloading, quasi packing, and lunch making. OH, the legitimate reason I’d gone home was that our land lord wanted to walk through the house at 12:30. I’d hoped we would be able to extract an necessary action items for us to ensure getting our deposit back. The representative was a new hire who didn’t know what was required. She was there just so she could better describe the house to people who called about leasing it. That was pretty frustrating.

I finished lunch, did some more packing, and sent some email before heading to Starbucks on Lane Avenue. That’s where I am now. I tried to reinstall Flash because my copy hasn’t opened properly… no good. It still doesn’t work. This was after I found that the wireless internet connection here isn’t free, also frustrating.

I’d done some reading, and by the time I was actually getting around to doing constant contact stuff it was occurring to me how much down time I haven’t taken lately. I felt the edges of just relaxing and realize that it was what I have been so sort on. It has seemed there are a million things to do and never a reason to do much more that as much as I can as soon as I can in getting ready for Amsterdam. It has become increasingly apparent that attack has come in the form of insomnia/trying to do too much.

I finished what I could do for constant contact and then reevaluated my to-do list. I’m meeting a peer counselor in fifteen minutes and then going to another coffee shop to meet Rhonda Collins about her time in Europe and to catchup. Now for more trip planning / list making. Pray I am able to unwind. Really it’s a matter of my letting go of all the things I think I need to do.

Thanks for reading. I have a hard time imagining doing this every day much less really wanting to read this kind of stuff.

Tired Boy

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Today has been a doozy. I find myself banging my head against a wall (figuratively) with joshua house and my own web stuff. I’d rather not go into it. I’ve missed out on plugging in with people at work because I’ve been doing so many lunches with friends. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it seems like it. I just remembered I’ve got some bills to pay. I’m really tired. Hopefully tomorrow will be restful. Pray