We Need Reminded – An Attempt

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If you have any exposure to what has been going on in my life lately you, hopefully, have said “whoa!” In the last five months I’ve reconnected with my church camp crush who later became “the one who got way” in college, and we are now engaged to be married in on September 25th, five weeks. If too good to be true ever actually could be true and life could be scripted better than any script could be written, this has been. I think Kate writes better than I, certainly in a different way than most I’ve ever read. She introduces the story well in her post Kate with an “e”

some time later…

Check out davidandkateandre.com. I just got it up in the time since I typed the above paragraph. When I first opened this text filed I’d intended to reflect on a conversation kate and I had earlier today about how people loose sight of the honor and mystique and beauty of life, but I guess that will have to wait for another time. It’s late. Tomorrow is another day, and we’ll have to press forward more then. – good night

Just Needing to Talk

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Hello Lord,

Today has been outstanding. This last weekend was amazing, and the last several months have been really really good.

Today – I’ve felt really short on things today. There’s plenty at work I could be doing, but it has been nice that nothing needs done this instant. The enemy would love to tell me that I must push through and make something happen lest I loose my job, my edge, my value, and my ‘working for You’ good graces.

However, I am kind of exhausted. It’s the sort of thing I need to press through eventually, but If I were really honest, I can hear you say that it is okay to rest. Writing is what I’ve heard is most important to do just now. So, I feel good taking the time to stop to do that at least.

This last weekend took it out of me – in a good way I think. Mostly it was amazing to feel you close and feel you moving, see and hear what you were saying, and get to play with the little boys in Bellefontaine and visit with Kate and Karen. Thank you so much for this amazing life I’ve got these days. It is so rich and full (pregnant) with possibilities. You are good – really.

So what am I worked up over? Anna called this morning. I was slow to get moving on the day as it was. Work feels like it’s ebbing away, and I did hear that today I would experience the favor that was prayed over me yesterday. So, what’s the problem? I’m tiered. I do not have eyes to see the way ahead. I need to have been with you even though I feel like I spent a lot of the weekend with you among your people. – Selah -

So, I know that I am to relax today, read a chapter of my book, send Derren a note, review my list of things to do, and dream a bit with you – maybe set up a facebook fan page. I am feeling good. There is lots of stuff that I am super glad to have in front of me and behind me for that matter. I love that I get to pick how to move forward in life. Thank you for this amazingness that is my life. I love you, and thank you. You are good. You are real, and I like you.

You know I’m desperate to see the world healed and helped. You know that I’m desperate to see life come to the lifeless and hope to the hopeless. Make it so Lord. Let it be. I sit because you sit and wait because you wait. Let it be through me that good comes in and of these times – please and thank you. I will act as I see you act. You are good. Thank you -

Remaining Aware of Reality Through Thankfulness

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I just finished reading chapter 3 of Bill Johnson’s book “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord.” The chapter is entitled ‘Disarming Hell Through Thanksgiving’ – admittedly a little demon hunter-ish.

My reason is writing is that the chapter exposed a few powerful / big deal ideas. Number one in my mind is the truth that God doesn’t give bad things or cause crisis. He can’t. He doesn’t have them to give. He only gives good gifts. He does allow dark things like abuse, natural disasters, injustice, and the rest but desperately wants to use them for good if we let him, and that’s what I’m so excited about just now.

Imagine a world where the reality of what is really going on isn’t readily recognizable. It’s not that hard to imagine. Today we all know that radio waves and fiber optic transmissions carrying all kinds of world changing data are moving all around us without our immediate awareness. Daily stock markets and policy makers are moving and shifting such that unless we remain very attentive to what’s going on we are likely to not understand why and to what end things are happening.

Given all this it seems like less of a leap that the same could be true in the spiritual realm. This does assume there is a spiritual realm, but apart from the last 200 years or so of enlighten / rational / modern / western / scientific culture – humanity has agreed there are dynamics in existence beyond our five senses. So, back to the idea that it is possible to see sad circumstances turned on their head for the benefit of humanity in general and yourself specifically.

Johnson’s chapter was focused on the idea of thanksgiving. More than seeing the silver lining in all circumstances, he noted that breath and life itself is reason enough to give thanks, but even more than that, if we will simply take account of all the good things in our lives, it will put us in line with the truth – that God gives good things (again perhaps it’s a slight leap to the idea that there is a God, but that will remain a conversation for another time).

Upon being aligned with truth (which I realize is a big word) we become more aware of reality, like understanding why stock markets and policy makers do what they do (which by the way are often mysterious in their own right).

So, 6 paragraphs and 400 words later that is what I’m excited about enough to blog. By remaining in an attitude of thanksgiving we are connected to what is really going on enough to live life not out of some “the worlds going to hell in a hand basket” mentality but in a confidence that we can make decisions and live life knowing that what is really going on is that God has got our back and there’s nothing we can do to mess that up. Remaining thankful and there by aware of it all can just be a little tricky sometimes.