The Worlds We Create and the Days Before

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By now it should go without saying that we are experiencing the days before a new season in Joshua House very soon things will be as they never have been before and will never again be as they once were.

What is more those who once made Joshua house what it is will no longer be with us. In fact it has already happened and is happening even as the moments pass. I’m not speaking specifically of the Pickerills, though they have had an enormous impact, and I know the same Lord that is the Lord of us all will remain and if we are lucky will increase.

What I am speaking of is how it is that once upon a time your grandmother and mine, or some parent or guardian, cared for us such that all we need be concerned will is our own little world. Childhood – Childlikeness it was called. Even though for the one doing the caring there was a world of other things swirling around, for us there what only the kitchen table, or knap time, or time playing outside or in. The point being that there was a world they created for us.

Similarly there is the world that the Lord has created for us in the face of on God knows what all else going on, but as it pertains to Joshua House specifically what it is that I am hoping to communicate is there is a similar world – you could otherwise think of it as a context or dare I say – community.

So, what of it? There is a community, a social sphere, called Joshua House. Well, for a long time many of us have enjoyed the context, the friendships, and the familiarity and challenging of it all, but times they are a changing – not for the worse, but the better.

For now, and perhaps not to long from now, that which is on its way may seem to be a long time in coming. It may hurt. It may be scary.

I write not to insight fear. Surely none of this is new news, and we have one who is greater. However, I do wrote to exhort you on toward recognizing that the times in which we had simply to lean back and enjoy that world which has been created for of may be changing. That world is about to be put through a transition potentially unlike anything you’ve seen before, but take heart. Be reminded these times are those in which we are being invited into the making of it all. These are the times when he is beckoning us, come up here.

Surely there were days before Martin Luther and Martin Luther King saw the fruition of what good things God had in store for them. Surely there were dark and difficult days before Abraham Lincoln saw his war torn country find its peace.

My point sharing these is that I believe that for many of us in Joshua House individually and corporately are about to find our selves in times of intense pressure in the natural and extra-natural as we are invited more fully into places in life where we are more a part of world creation rather that simply world enjoyment.

So, simply, as you find yourself pressed on every side, do not loose heart. Step – no press in to taking on those rolls and positions of creating space for others to learn and grow. Press into bravely moving forward despite the ‘world as you knew it’ ceasing to exist. Press forward with the Lord as your guide even as you feel no direction what so ever. Hold on. Be brave. Keep hope. Save love, and you will be among those who usher in and carry through that which the King is even now bringing forward.

What greater joy?

Thanks for saying hello and checking in. Your friendship is cherished.

A Thought for OSU's Design Department's 40th Anniversary

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Design is unique because it allows us to see how a thing is made and enables us to dream regarding how it could come to be. Living outside one’s own culture is powerful because it allows us to see how things have come to be as they are and enables us to dream regarding how they could come to be.

My time over seas while a student in the Ohio State University’s Department of Industrial Interior, and Visual Communication Design was both unique and powerful.

It's the Caffeine Talking

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So what’s the point? I’ve been sitting in a Starbucks for the last two hours working at dialing down – with caffeine right? Any way, I’ve completely blown off that which I kind of know ‘needs’ done tonight. The point? I really want to produce, create, and I ‘m getting crazy enough to do it. What I really want to do is explore the third dimension within the digital space and seek to make digital interfaces as common as stone, steel, and plastic in our everyday interactions. I’m so over interacting or communicating for the sake of interaction or communication, but there is something in us that since creation has needed to interact and relate with that which is outside of us. How do we grease the wheels so to speak so as to make it all more liquid? How do we make the good intentions of one more tangibly the benefit of another? Hope, let it grow. Let it grow.